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Food and Agricultural Innovation 21st Century Opportunities for Indiana

Posted Date : March 1, 2012

The report highlights Indiana’s strong assets and capabilities in the areas of food and agricultural innovation, and a level of collaboration among key participants that holds high promise for growth.  It also recommends a new organizing forum that could best define opportunities for continued growth, ultimately leading to greater economic development across the state and […]

Find Out What We’re Made of: A Strategic Plan for Indiana’s Agricultural Economy

Posted Date : February 2, 2005

Following the interim ag report in 2004, BioCrossroads developed recommendations in this strategic plan to develop a statewide ag strategy.

Find Out What We’re Made Of: Ag Interim Report 2004

Posted Date : January 1, 2004

A look at Indiana’s AgBio economy – strengths, weaknesses and unique opportunities – to determine a strategy for future growth.